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Rooftop times

At the tops of PR firms, it’s a slightly different story—several women mentioned that the executives are still predominantly male. In fact, the contrast between the workers and the c-suite is so dramatic as to be maddening.

“It’s all women out there,” said Sarahjane Sacchetti, who handles marketing for Secret. “And the two people running it are dudes. That’s the only thing that’s puzzled me and angered me for a long time.”

Why Are There So Many Women in Public Relations? - The Atlantic
#donuts #bacon #nom @qudsia @staceeestace @mzrhodes @jhowell28

#donuts #bacon #nom @qudsia @staceeestace @mzrhodes @jhowell28

Companies with a 30% proportion of young people in higher roles saw “aggressive growth,” according to the study. When it’s more like 20%, they saw “little to low growth” rates. At the same time, they were the least engaged of all the age groups studied, and the most likely to leave within a year.
Why The Most Successful Organizations Have Women And Millennials In Charge | Fast Company | Business Innovation
Even though there’s a silliness to [our sketches] and it’s very pop culture, we also express a multidimensionality that feminism has always embraced, even though people have often tried to make the movement seem less than multidimensional. We show that humor can be part of it, and always has been.
Carrie Brownstein Spills the Beans on Fred, Feminism, and Fear




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I know a lot of people thought that food blogs would eventually put cookbooks out of business, but I’m glad it hasn’t been the case. I believe people still want to be transported by cookbooks (most people tell me they keep ones they want to cook from on their bedside table, not in the kitchen). Google is an effective way to find a 30-minute meal or the most pared down no-knead bread recipe, but a book can share the whole narrative around it that makes the cooking experience that much more rich.
Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen’s Favorite Cookbooks | Serious Eats
Finally! A Nerf gun for my tiny delicate hands and sensibilities! #finally

Finally! A Nerf gun for my tiny delicate hands and sensibilities! #finally

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